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Because details matter.

Whether in the making of a project, in the creation of its foundations, or in its conclusion, you can only achieve the desired result by looking carefully at the details.

The transformation of spaces is simultaneously a technical and an aesthetic exercise. We understand, value, and build on this ongoing debate having both perspectives on our team.

Construction always seeks the appreciation of the asset, maintenance, and conservation of the investment. Distinct forms of action but synergistic and with transversal knowledge.

The HIMO group, in addition to its increased skills and combined forces, adds different points of view: from customer, investor, operator and user.

At the beginning of 2021, to consolidate the 360º real estate vision of the HIMO Group, Cmquadrado arises. The company gives the capacity that was lacking to execute construction works and maintain assets. This integration and alignment not only brings greater robustness to the Group, as it creates solid foundations for the construction company, both in terms of technical competence and market knowledge, cross-cutting project concern, both in the financial part and in the operation of the future function. Although a member of the Group, like the other operations that constitute it, it acts with independence, transparency and suitability.

Get to know the integrated Real Estate proposal of the HIMO Group.


Support at all stages of the project, from defining constructive solutions, to monitoring their correct implementation.

New construction work, reforming or real estate broadening, and interior spaces fit out.

Square meter by square meter we are building our brand.

+351 966 939 884

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Rua Visconde de Santarém 73, 1000-286, Lisbon, Portugal